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The place to talk about everything Black from Hip Hop to History, the new Black Pride Worldwide.

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As you know there are African Brazilians, African Americans, African Brits, 2 billion+ Black Folks worldwide. It will be interesting to see us interacting, collaborating and participating, in one of the great social networking experiments of the 21st Century. What would you do, if we rewound the historical video tape, and you were sitting next to the first printing press?

What is it that connects Black Folks in the new Black pride worldwide? Yes we are, or should all be cosmologically connected to Classical African Civilization, kemet (Ancient Egypt). However, what is it that connects us beyond the great Nubian/Kemetan High Culture? The spiritual, mental and biological connection is *** Melanin***.

One of the tasks of BlackFolks that are trying to get smarter, should be, if you decide to except, gaining an understanding of melanin science. What is melanin? How is it related to the body's master gland (The Pineal Gland)? How does it function with respect to life, health and aging? Keep your antennas up, your cultural radars on, and post articles that help us all get smarter about melanin when you run across them.

Other then that have fun in the group, Unity is the Key, found in the word "we", not I.